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Technology Priorities

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Saved by Thomas Stanley
on June 16, 2010 at 10:14:51 am

Staff members are encouraged to add comments and suggestions, if you want to make a comment/suggestion please use the comment box at the bottom of the page.


NOTE: The highest priority for the Network Technician is to ensure all computers serving the public are accessible and in good working order.



High Priority Items

  • Ensure public services computers are available for use
    • includes circ desk computers, info station, all PAC (public access computer) terminals, public services staff computers
  • Clean up tech storage area downstairs - Tara
    • focus on getting rid of old computer equipment for recycling
      • picked up on 01.12.2009 TS
  • Review Technology Plan - Betsy & County IT
  • Inventory and consolidate all computer related equipment into one area downstairs - Betsy
  • Review/collect tech grant info - Paul & County IT (Andrew)
    • meeting w/ Paul 01.13.2009
  • VPN Access - Rodney
  • Assess/Investigate Technology in the library as a whole, reading the Linda Miller report from the building needs assessment.
  • Investigate moving Virtual Timecard to a hosted solution instead of residing on our web server.
    • This would solve the issue where the server crashes when the same user logins in to both Mojo and VTC.
      • Brad at VTC recommended splitting the App Pool on IIS (LIBWEB) this did not help (TS 5/12/2010) 
    • Brad at VTC reports there is no way to transfer our data to a hosted server currently
      • start from scratch if we move to hosted solution 
  • Training Day w/ KM, EW
    • Friday Morning before opening
    • Focus on using Microsoft Office and Windows 7
    • identifying spam 
    • LMR w/ projector and laptops for staff to follow along
      • First day scheduled for June 18th, 2010 
  • Print Management System for Public Computers
  • Investigate replacing PACs w/ thin clients
    • RW suggestion
    • High initial investment, but once hardware is purchased only need to upgrade server 


Medium Priority Items

  • Train 3 staff members on phone maintenance - Marjorie & County IT
    • how to change phone settings (such as changing to the holiday schedule)
    • MD, SMS, and TS train with RW
      • trying to setup meeting w/ RW, MD, SMS, and TS  
  • Webpage access - Marjorie
  • Review Active Directory user permissions and document who has access to what - County IT
    • mostly with regard to Public Drive access and administrative access
      • users documented now working w/ dept heads to determine who needs access TS 01.04.2010
  • Happy Jack Calendar on library homepage - Marjorie
  • Update computer manuals
    • Sophos Antivirus @ work and home
      • discs and instructions for staff handed out at training day 
    • basic computer maintenance (ie what can stay and what needs to be removed) 
  • Assess staff computer needs
    • Quarterly meetings w/ Department Heads 
      • 2nd Wednesday of the first month of each quarter (July, October, Janruary, April)
  • Investigate replacing cash register w/ POS computer
    • includes credit card reader/cash drawer/touch screen/barcode reader/receipt printer
    • Dell's solution approx. $3200 includes $800 for POS software
  • Discharging in Workroom
    • use Circ desk west computer (at the low desk)
    • Will Move Sun May 23
  • Children's Computer Games
    • purchase new games Win7 compatible
    • install K9 webfilter
    • printer access? 


Low Priority Items

  • New email server and domain - County IT
    • albanycountylibrary.org
  • Get rid of old/outdated software downstairs
    • would like to get rid of most of the redundant CD-ROM's and consolidate the software onto different media
      • physical media (CD-ROM's, DVD-ROM's, etc) is often outdated before we receive it
      • retaining 2 physical backups should be sufficient
  • Examine wiring, correcting if conduit wiggly and binding up the excess wires

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