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Staff Meeting Agenda 120118

Page history last edited by Sam Farstad 11 years, 4 months ago

Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2:30 p.m.


Remember anyone can add items to this agenda--it's open to all --if you have a log in.  You can request access at the right.




Issues and concerns - what's on your mind?


Coming in sick vs. staying home:  What's the long term cost?  Do we have subs?




New/Reviewed Policies:


Mission Statement - revised as follows: 

"The mission of the Albany County Public Library is to enhance the quality of life in Albany County by offering access to a diverse collection of materials, being a key partner in education, and offering community-based programs through its professional and friendly staff."


Fees - will be voted on at the next board meeting .  Any other comments?




what could we use volunteers to do for us? (km) 

 - general dusting and clean-up, non-computer areas (sf)

 - clean up at staff entrance (sf)

 - computer screens and keyboards ?? (bam) 

- taking care of cardboard boxes (RA)



Worker's comp and auto insurance:  What should you do? Please refer to memo e-mailed to all, any additional questions will be fielded on a case by case basis. (sf)   



Friday January 20th; all departments, dedicate 15 - 20 minutes to surface clean up and dusting to improve air quality, I would like to do this monthly (sf) 



 - Donation can for coffee, drinks, misc. and/or an appropriation of funds (staff) to purchase monthly?  



3 p.m. Rob Debree, Albany County Undersheriff on emergency procedures (text emailed to you 1-3-12). 



Staff representatives at board meetings:

December: Julie S.

January: Kathy Marquis


Problem Patron guidelines

Missions Statement/Values/Staff CE Days

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