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Staff Meeting Agenda 110812

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FRIDAY, August 12, 2011

11 a.m. 


Remember anyone can add items to this agenda--it's open to all --if you have a log in.  You can request access at the right.




Issues and concerns - what's on your mind?


Brief overview of "Book Babies" - DK - We would like to find one/two people interested in being subs to run this group when Deb K. is unavailable.



New Policies:

     Unattended children and adults in need of supervision

     animals in the building 


Proposed Policies:

Discipline, Grievance and Appeal Policy (emailed to all staff on 5-26-11--you can find it at public\policiesproceduresandmanuals\librarypolicies\policydiscussions\discipline and grienvance\staff memo. . . .--SMS) Questions, clarifidations, concerns.


what could we use volunteers to do for us? (km) 



Staff Representative at Library Board meeting :

              August 23, 2011: Rock River

             September 27:  Centennial


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