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Managers Agenda 110810

Page history last edited by Susan Simpson 12 years, 4 months ago

ManagersTasks Who leads meeting / records tasks? NM, KM, SMS, NB,



Next Meeting Date: August 17, 1:00 p.m.    


  • Future of folios (km)
  • substitute position (km, sms)
  • Proposed grievance/discipline policies 
  • what's next for the reorganization ideas (km) 
  • Plan upgrade, beginning with vision/mission statement (MD) 


old items:

  • Library web page revisions and review of public programming (Marjorie)
  • Microfilm scanner/reader (neb) 


Standing Invitations:
      Marjorie will sit in on every meeting to keep informed.



Probations ending: Strike outs indicate that reviews have been done and placed in the personnel folder.



Tamara: Start date 1/8/11 (3 month review by 4/8/11, 6 month review prior to 7/8/11)

Nathan: Start date 3/22/11   (3 month review by 6/22/11, 6 month review prior to 9/22/11) 

Jodie: 6 month review prior to 8/16/11

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