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Managers' Agenda 110622

Page history last edited by nmaxwell@... 12 years, 3 months ago

ManagersTasks Who leads meeting / records tasks? NM, KM, SMS, BJM, NB


(SMS actually led last meeting, so KM will do this one.) 


Next Meeting Date: July 6, 1:00 p.m.    


Credited Accounts in Sirsi  (nm) 

Work on sub rates (BJM and sms) 

Checking and billing for Damaged books  (nm)

WLA award (sms) 

Any changes to the ASM job description (sms)?

On last agenda and not removed by me (sms) - do we need to keep these here?

  • Building Projects: keeping staff informed 
  • 125th anniversary (sms)   staff represenative (sms)


Standing Invitations:

      Marjore will sit in on every meeting to keep informed.



Probations ending: Strike outs indicate that reviews have been done and placed in the personnel folder.

Jodie as Older Adult Specialist: Start date 12/30/10 (3 month review by 3/30/11, 6 month review prior to 6/30/11)

Deb Shogren as Page: Start date 1/4/11 (3 month review by 4/4/11, 6 month review prior to 7/4/11)

Colleen: Start date 1/7/11 (3 month review by 4/7/11, 6 month review prior to 7/7/11)

Tamara: Start date 1/8/11 (3 month review by 4/8/11, 6 month review prior to 7/8/11)

Bailey Graham: Start date 1/18/11 (3 month review by 4/18/11, 6 month review prior to 7/18/11

Jodie as Page: Start date 1/19/11 (3 month review by 4/19/11, 6 month review prior to 7/19/11)

Nathan: Start date 3/22/11   (3 month review by 6/22/11, 6 month review prior to 9/22/11)  

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