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Managers Agenda 091111

Page history last edited by Susan Simpson 14 years, 5 months ago

Who leads meeting / records tasks? JP, KM, SMS, BJM


Next Meeting Date:  November 25 is the fourth Wednesday 


William  (JP) (Note, last name is McDonald/Macdonald, and I have a PO box for him from 2008-sms)


Who is in charge on Saturdays?


Robocalls, and paying $10/year.  (JP) [I think it's a month. sms].


Non-circ schedules are where (sms)?


Marjorie:  Draft disaster plan that will deal with the PR response

Ask MD about recommendation for photos on server


Driving requirement: If driving is required for the job, we must have the driving record in hand before hiring is complete (before or at check-in). (bjm)


Update on job searches:

Assistant Bookkeeper - interview on Friday,

Maintenance: Would like input on what other departments need in relation to time needed, expertise needed,

Experience Works and ASPs.

Network Tech (sms)



Probations ending: Strike outs indicate that reviews have been done and placed in the personnel folder.

Bailey 12/11/09 (YA Specialist) -- (review by 8/11/09, by 10/11/09, and by 12/11/10)

Laura  12/11/09 ((YA Specialist) -- (review by 8/11/09, by 10/11/09, and by 12/11/10)

Josh--2/16/10 (review by 10/16/09, 12/16/09, and by 2/16/10))

Thomas --3/17/10 (review by 11/17/09, by 1/17/10, and by 3/17/10)

Erin--3/24/10 (review by 11/24/09, by 1/24/10, and by 3/24/10)

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