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RFID questions

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Questions to ask re:  RFID systems:



Meeting notes, 10 December 2010

Attending: Rekha, Sandra, Susan, Brenda, Deb K, Kathy

Also:  Nicole, Laura (part of layout group, but adding their insight!)



Questions for other libraries with RFID systems

Staffing implications

Noise level of sorting machines – vibration?

What policies and procedures have been changed due to RFID?

How does staff workload change?

What are some problems you had after installation that you didn't expect?

How easy/hard is it for patrons to adapt to (self-checkout and discharging station)?

How much time does staff spend attending problems with the technology (not when helping patrons)?


Questions for vendors

How will we be trained?

Will they recommend/supply furniture? (turn-key system)

How are books from another library or another RFID handled by system?

What about damaged RFID tags handled by system?

Can we override the system?

How does RFID handle on-the-fly records?

How does the system know if your item is still overdue/can’t be renewed?

How does online renewal work at the stations?

How does the system know about renewed items (renewed remotely)?

What are maintenance options?  Can we get training for our own maintenance person?  What’s the turnaround time for remote repair?  Can we have parts on hand?

Are stations adjustable (heights)?

Does it interact with our (former) security tags – will they all need to be removed?

What about upgrades?

What kind of backup system is there?

Will we have the wand/inventory system for using the system in the stacks?

How will that wanding/inventory system work for our shelving where items aren’t in exact order (like Children’s)?  We know it won’t help us with if items are in order, but will it work at all, or will it be too confused?


Questions for either

What about AV?

Location and quantity of recommended machines

Are the checkout machines sturdy enough for kids?

Is there damage to the book from the sorting bins?

How many bins?

What about checking for damage on returns?

What are wiring implications?

What is energy consumption?

Recommendations on number of stations per XX population? 

Do you get a lot of false alarms?

What other systems does it interact with?

What about security tags from other places like Hastings

How much space is needed?


For ACPL to decide

Will the bookdrop be in the wall?





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