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Tuesday, October 12 2010 

9 a.m.


Remember anyone can add items to this agenda--it's open to all --if you have a log in.  You can request it at the right.




Staff Representative :

            October 26, 2010                 Kathy Marquis--this meetingwill work on the proposed revised Internet policy

            November 22, 2010             Bernie

            December 28?, 2010           Deb Kassner 

            January 25, 2011                 Deb Shogren

            February 22, 2011                 Kathy Marquis

            March 22, 2011

            April 26, 2011

            May 24, 2011

            June 28, 2011


Stories, heart warming and otherwise, issues, anecdotes:



Safety: Micheal

Who Knew:   Understanding your Pay Stub  Bring it if you can.  Understanding your vacation/sick time


How are the new policies working?

what changes may be coming with Internet policies


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