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managers agenda 100210

Page history last edited by Susan Simpson 14 years, 5 months ago

Managers' Agenda

Wednesday, Febraury 10, 2010

2 p.m.  We said 1-27 we wanted to try a later date.


Who leads meeting / records tasks? JP, KM, SMS repeats, BJM


Next Meeting Date:  Feb 24, 2010 is the fourth Wednesday


Marjorie re staff calendar on web site and security

Thomas on Tech Issues

  • Tech update
  • Basement storage area
  • Tracking complaints about internet speed/computers

Susan on updates:

Current Carpet bid

specific Purpose Tax


  Carpet--chuildren's, hall and meeting room.

  ADA compliaten toilets


Outlook service/new emails addresses and web page address 

     Who to notify:  WYLD, county, city, address book, Rock  River,

     All businesses or agencies that provide invoices by email, banks  etc.  Use password list as guide

     All web pages with  email address access

     Facebook etc.

     Web page; Wyoming Library directory,

CJ Box reading during the day on a Tuesday--what do you think?  He's got a reading in Cheyenne at 4. 


Revisiting -->

Orientation (bjm):  Kathy was to have chart ready that outlined basic orientation issues  KM?   


Update on job searches:

Administrative Specialist--consider reviewing and selecting 3 or 4 and calling references



Standing Invitations:

2nd Wednesday:  Thomas

4th Wednesday   Marjorie



Probations ending: Strike outs indicate that reviews have been done and placed in the personnel folder.

Josh--2/16/10 (review by 10/16/09, 12/16/09, and by 2/16/10))

Lydia --09/01/09  (review by 11/01/09, 01/01/09, & 03/01/09)

Thomas --3/17/10 (review by 11/17/09, by 1/17/10, and by 3/17/10) For Tech: -6/18/10 (review by 3/18/10 & 6/16/10)

Erin--3/24/10 (review by 11/24/09, by 1/24/10, and by 3/24/10)

Tara (Asst. Bkpr) -- 7/19/10 (review by 10/19/10 and before 7/19/10)


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