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Circulation Staff Meeting

Wednesday January 27, 2010 at 3PM


Hand Check List Sheets to Mtg Room People when they checkout a key


No more AV equip when we're not open

- help people set it up

- take it down

- bulleted list on front of meeting room book


Thomas's different hats


Signs on Computers- need to notify TS what is wrong

- also date them

- green laminated signs


When people pay bills please remove damaged items from shelf and remove notes from account


Video Games and Anime are not being removed from cases


Pay attention to notes/alerts on a patron's account screen


When doing overlays change library and profile name to ALBY (even if green application card is going to Josh)


Cash Count has been wrong one day, then corrected another day


Outreach Patrons - Holds, Bottom Shelf Under New Books, etc.


Tax Forms


Don't Forget to Date Items for the Bulletin Board

- If it is brochures or many things to be dates, have an ASP do it


Court Ordered Donations - use the receipt book, print register receipt


Handicapped Doors Locked - Must press button after you flip switch


YA Mags go with Adult Mags on shelving carts



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