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Library Wiring Investigation Project



  • To understand as fully as possible the telecom wiring situation in the library:
    • What goes where
    • What is being used, what could be used, and what is obsolete
    • Where each "pipe" goes and other logistics of the building
  • To remove, where possible, any wiring that is totally obsolete
  • To determine what additional wiring can/should be added
  • To determine how the "land-line" extensions are working (fax machine, credit card), and to see how that relates to what Qwest is billing us for. QwestInfo
    • To get the TTY working consistently again in a practical location
  • To extend wireless networks (staff and public) to encompass whole building with consistent high-quality connection.
    • Patron network to back of nonfiction stacks
    • Meeting rooms


Specific questions for Rodney:

-How are the "land lines" (fax, credit card) set up? Can we set up another for the TTY to be by itself? Can we move the fax to a more opportune location? Is there a way we can set this up with more flexibility (i.e. able to move these items around more freely, not having to run everything to the basement..)



"Holes" upstairs:


TSS wall:

2 white thinish (both cat5)

1 light gray thickish

1 dark gray thin

Others that were cut when we got rid of the old frame-relay..


TSS floor

1 white cat5

2 blue cat5


Circ counter wall:

1 gray thick (very)

2 white thin (phone and cat5)


Circ table wall:

1 gray cat5 (old Arial)


Staff room:

1 gray cat5


Admin office:


Adult services office:

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