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Welcome to our dual practice page--here you can practice using a wiki and practice using virtual timecard. Please add your comments.


Set Up:

Bookmark the website on the computer you will be using.


Change your password immediately after you log in (Click on "admin" on the right hand side of the VTC tool bar, then click "change your password" on the left hand data well. It will ask for confirmation.



Possible Problems:

1. If a type of time you need does not appear, tell Tyler, and it will be added.

Comp time is now there for at least one staff member.


2. Times change between decimals and minutes, i.e. you put in 5.5 and it becomes 5:30. We haven't figured this out yet. It doesn't change any of the math. It's only a display issue.


3. You have to add a line for a change of month or in the middle of the month . Click "submit," then click "modify" to add a line.

The pay period is now one month. We still need to find out how to make the pay period match our pay period.


4. I believe the projects/types display in alphabetical order.


5. "Head" refers to acting head time; make a new row and select "head" from project/type" if you've been an acting head and then fill in the number of hours you were acting head. If you worked regular time the remainder of the day, put those hours in under regular, so the total is the total number of hours you worked that day. Some would prefer the name Acting Head rather than just Head under Project/Type.


6. Department Heads, if they select their department as their project, have their time cards go back to them to approval. Then when they approve, it goes straight to Linda, rather than through Susan. We may need another "project" for Department Head (not Acting Head). Susan checked set up and this can be easily changed there with an admin password.

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