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Working with ON-ORDER records: A cheat sheet


When you go to edit an on-order record with an item in hand, you need to do some basic checks to make sure that the record is in OK shape.


Is the record a duplicate?


If you enter the ISBN and get more than one choice, it is probably a duplicate. See more information later on dealing with these.


Is the 1XX field correct (Author)?


If it has “|?UNAUTHORIZED” in it, it probably is not. If it contains more than one name, or information other than a name, it is not.


Is the 3XX field correct (pages, discs etc.)?


If it just says “p. cm.” or something like that, it is not.


Are there tracings for subjects in the 6XX fields?


If not, the record is probably not sufficient.


What is the Enc_Lvl?


If it is “8”, the record is not sufficient.


For more information about what’s needed for a sufficient record, look here:



What to do if the record is not sufficient?


Depending on the situation, you will need to either edit, overlay, or merge the record with another.


Editing records: When editing records, make sure that you are editing all the fields that need to be fixed. If you are editing a Enc_Lvl 8 record to be sufficient, remove the 8 when you are done. Make sure that all your changes are saved. When in doubt, save the record and go to “make more changes” to edit it some more. Better safe than sorry.


Overlaying records: Overlaying records should always be done with SmartPort now that OCLC is available that way. To access OCLC from Smartport, choose it instead of LC when logging in and when it asks for authorization, put:



Transferring records:

When you have a duplicate record, you must transfer it to merge it with the existing record. When doing so, be absolutely sure that they are the same item. Check:

-that it is the same format

-that the number of pieces (discs, cassettes, books) are the same

-that the title and author are the same


For more information on de-duping records, look here:



If you are absolutely certain you are dealing with a duplicate, please follow these procedures from this WYLD Technote for merging:



Note: When you hit the "Review" button, you may get a completely different record. DON'T PANIC! This is a problem with Sirsi's displaying, not with the transfer. Just search the item up again to make sure it's correct.



Adding/Editing Call numbers and making sure they are consistent:


In order to maintain our database, we must make sure that any call numbers are consistent with those added in the past. Check:

-That the same author/series has been classified the same way in the past (YA/JUV/ADULT, FICTION/MYSTERY/SCI FI/WESTERN).

-That the call number fits properly with others we’ve added in the past. Always check by browsing for call number to see what will be around it on the shelf. If you get nothing in that search, always search again until you see what other titles were nearby.


Checking after you are done:


Always have a look at the record after you are done working with it. One way to do this is to choose “review” when you are done with the task. Make sure that:

-The bibliographic record is correct and complete.

-The call number is correct and consistent with our past practice.


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