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Tasks for TSS Volunteers:


  • Cleaning patron workstations
  • Cleaning/dusting server area in boiler room
  • Simple book repair


  • Catalog paperbacks


  • Simple processing
    • taping paperbacks and softcovers
    • covering labels/finishing B&T hardcovers
    • AV materials?


  • Sorting/filing book packing lists


  • Test workstations for problems, e.g. software with license screens coming up
  • Scan/Digitize paper documentation (licenses etc.)
  • Label names and on computer CPUs.
  • Organize repair area downstairs (put hard discs in one box with padding, Wireless cards in one box with padding, etc.)
  • make collage(s) for walls


Generic Tasks for all volunteers:


  • Picking up junk
    • Outside
    • Around the stacks
  • Dusting
    • All parts of the library
  • Cleaning
    • Empty TS carts
    • Surfaces (tables, counters etc.) around the library
      • Make sure to wipe dry
  • Vacuum under desks etc.
  • Shred papers that are in the shredding box
  • Make sure books are in order on the shelf (shelf-reading)
    • Specifically look at folios
    • If not sure about a book, bring it back to the circ staff

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