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Generating Predictions


Except for those that are checked in without predictions, predictions for magazines need to be generated as they run out or if the existing predictions are incorrect. When checking in an issue where the predictions have just run out, a box will come up that says “No unreceived issues exist for this serial control.” The first two options on this box are “Generate prediction” and “Check in without prediction.” Unless the special instructions “check in without predictions only” come up, select “Generate Prediction.”


When generating predictions for magazines, generate a year's worth of issues. Make sure the volume and number (if applicable) and chronology match those of the issue to be checked in. Fill in the boxes for “Date Expected” and “Date of first prediction” so that the date expected is the current date and the date of first prediction matches that of the magazine (use the first of the month for monthly subscriptions i.e. 6/1/2005 for June 2005 and the first of the month that the issue is received for seasonal/quarterly magazines i.e. 6/1/2005 for Summer 2005 received in June).


If, when checking in an issue, the expected issue enumeration and chronology does not match that of the issue first select “different issue” to view the predicted issues. If none of these expected issues match that of the issue to be checked in, the predictions will need to be removed and re-generated. Select “cancel” and then “close.” Use the “Modify a Serial Control” wizard on the periodicals toolbar to remove the incorrect predictions. Under the “Expected” tab, select “remove predictions.” Then select the radio button next to “remove all predictions” and click on “remove” then “ok.” Close the window. Now go back to the “Check in Issues” wizard to generate the predictions.

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