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Support Fund September 2007

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years ago
This is the revised support fund procedure. Please use the "comment" feature to discuss any points of interest.
The currently used 2003 version is on the p:drive  p:SHARED\Staff liaison.
Several items especially require input:
(1) List of participating staff / volunteers. To my knowledge this has not been in the fund box, and should be. How would this be generated?
(2) Volunteer participation. I was remiss in the past year regarding sending a letter to volunteers who have participated in the past. Do we want to continue asking volunteers for a donation, or should our longstanding volunteers be included. This would fall under "Other Occasions" listed below.
(3) The fund ledger is going digital, instead of paper in the lock box. It needs to be in a read only file for most staff.
Originally approved 2/6/96, revised and approved 4/2/98. Revised and approved 7/99. Revised and approved 4/10/2000. Revised 11/2001. Revised and approved 6/2002. Revised and approved 12/2002. Revised and approved 10/2003. (currently under review: September 2007).
Fund definition:
The Staff/Volunteer Support Fund is a fund provided by Library and Foundation Staff and volunteers of the Albany County Public Library. The fund provides moneys to purchase gifts for staff and volunteers for a variety of occasions. The fund receives approximately $30 per month
  • Upon hiring, a $1.00 deduction is made each month from each employee’s paycheck after written authorization has been acquired from the employee.
  • All of the deducted funds are deposited into the ACPL Staff Support Fund account via direct deposit.
  • Employees are eligible to receive gifts from the support fund after 6 months of employment.
  • Employees leaving before 6 months of employment is achieved will receive a card. The money they have donated to the fund may be refunded or donated to the fund.
A copy of this procedure will be given to all new non-temporary employees and volunteers.
Spending guidelines:
Spending guidelines establish a limit spent from the fund for each event. These maximum limits are to be reviewed every 3 years or as the need arises. (2007)
  • The fund may be used to buy cards, stamps and/or ecards as needed.
  • Delivery fees may be added to any of the following amounts.
  • The fund does not cover gifts for previous employees or non-participating staff.
    • Participating staff may vote (a quick vote on dry-erase board in staff room) to use the fund to buy flowers or an appropriate gift for nonparticipating or former staff and volunteers.
    • Otherwise, if the staff wishes to do something for a former employee or non-participating individual, a separate collection will be taken up.
  • These are the only authorized events for staff support fund account.
Price limit breakdown (revised April 2007)
  • Baby - $30 cash or gift
  • Wedding - $50 cash or gift (For child of staff or volunteer – card)
  • Hospital - $30 (for spouse or child of staff or volunteer – card)
  • Outpatient surgery – card
  • Graduation
    • high school or associate degree $20
    • 1st bachelor degree $25
    • masters $35
    • PhD $50
    • Subsequent undergraduate or graduate degrees – card.
(Breakdown continued)
  • Departing after more than 6 months of successful employment - $30. 
    • The person leaving and their supervisor will determine how to use the $30. They may choose to use the money in any combination, for example: have a meal at a restaurant plus a gift; or a staff/volunteer party at the library using the $30 but no gift. (For employees leaving their position at the library or volunteers leaving their volunteer activity at the library. Temporary employees excluded.)
  • Re-hired employees are subject to the same probationary / eligibility period as new hires.
  • Funerals. Contribution to a memorial fund, gift or cash to family. Sympathy cards should be signed by a single library representative.
    • Staff member/volunteer - $40
    • Spouse/child - $25
    • Parents/sibling - $20
    • In-laws, grandparents – card
Retirement is defined as leaving a paid position at Social Security or Wyoming State Retirement Program retirement age and/or 20 years employment with the library, either full time or part time. Those qualifying will receive a special gift of $75 plus the $30 as above.
Other occasions:
A card may be sent or funds not to exceed $30 may be used for other occasions as the Staff Liaison and supervisors deem appropriate.
The Staff Liaison manages the Staff/Volunteer Support Fund.
  • The Fund can be accessed by the present Staff Liaison and the most recent previous Staff Liaison who is still employed.
  • Only these two should have their signatures on the bank account and hold keys to the lock box in the upstairs library safe.
  • If for some reason there is no current Staff Liaison and/or previous Staff Liaison the staff will vote for a person to temporarily manage the Fund.
The amount of $60.00 will be maintained in the lock box at the library in the upstairs safe.
  • All transactions will be recorded in the Fund ledger found in the lock box. The Staff Liaison will give a report at each monthly staff meeting as to activity and balance of the account.
The Fund bank account is held at the Albany County Public Employee Federal Credit Union.
  • The contribution check is deposited monthly via direct deposit.
  • The account balance can be checked using online banking. The access information is kept in the lock box.
  • It is necessary to maintain a positive balance in order to cover any occasion which might arise. Therefore, whenever the total balance of the cash on hand and the bank balance reaches $200 or less, there will be a staff meeting or e-mail communication to discuss how to supplement the account funds.
  • When the Credit Union statement arrives it will be placed in the current Staff Liaison’s basket in the staff room. The records will be reviewed and reported to the staff.
When a new Staff Liaison is elected, the incoming and outgoing Staff Liaisons will review the ledger at the time of transition.
The Library credit card SHOULD NOT be used for purchases using Support Fund moneys. Costs should be paid upfront, not billed to the library.
When an occasion occurs that is covered by the Fund the following procedure will be followed:
  • The department supervisor will follow the spending guidelines and submit a receipt for reimbursement from the staff support fund.
  • Department supervisor for recipient will obtain cash from Staff Liaison.
  • Staff Liaison will fill out tracking form indicating cash amount released.
  • Receipt given to Liaison, stapled to tracking form. Excess money returned.
  • Department supervisor will have accompanying card signed by all employees.
A list of participating staff & volunteers will be kept in the lock box and checked periodically for accuracy.
A copy of this procedure will be given to all new volunteers. Contributions from volunteers are entirely voluntary cash or check donations. These contributions are to be given directly to the Staff Liaison and deposited. A receipt will be give to the volunteer and a copy kept in the lock box with bookkeeping receipts.
Volunteers are defined as persons who do volunteer work at the main library. Board members do not fall under this category. Vacancies on the library board are announced in the newspaper and anyone can volunteer to be appointed. Foundation board members are invited to serve.


Comments (11)

Anonymous said

at 3:08 pm on Sep 10, 2007

The accounting software can generate the list of staff contributors monthly and will do so. I believe most volunteers paid once for the year.

Anonymous said

at 12:54 pm on Sep 12, 2007

I don't think volunteers should be included in this. They already give so much of their time, it seems unreasonable to ask them for a financial donation.

Anonymous said

at 3:15 pm on Apr 17, 2008

In January the staff liaison writes volunteers and asks for a contribution; the list of volunteer who contribute used to be in the card box. It's not been many people--generally around four who know the staff very well and people the staff knows well.

Anonymous said

at 4:23 pm on Apr 17, 2008

Under retirement, what about someone who must retire for medical reasons? What if they don't come under social security or the Wyoming retirement fund?

Anonymous said

at 4:24 pm on Apr 17, 2008

Comments on retirement from SMS:Disability retirement: WRS does have a disability retirement. See p. 25-27 of the retirement manual. You have to be a contributor to WRS for more than 10 years and not under 60 to be eligible and there are kinds of disability retirement.

Anonymous said

at 4:25 pm on Apr 17, 2008

Question: Under other reasons, what about military personnel who are going overseas? Remeber the arguments when Andrew went to Kuwait?

Anonymous said

at 4:26 pm on Apr 17, 2008

From SMS: Weren't we concerned that Andrew might not come back? People facing deployment might be added as an example of a departing employee who could receive a gift--and then they wouldn't be eligible when they resigned.
Federal law says that people are military service are to have their job saved and their benefits paid, so they aren't really gone in a bookkeeping sense.

Anonymous said

at 4:27 pm on Apr 17, 2008

why do only the supervisors and staff liason make decisions when we are all contributing to the fund?

Anonymous said

at 4:28 pm on Apr 17, 2008

SMS: Supervisors have responsibilities when employees leave. It's easier and faster to have the supervisor be responsible instead of trying to decide who is going to do it employee by employee. And who would decide? I, myself, have delegated the selection and purchase of a gift to others and don't think the guidelines bar that. I almost always talk with people who are closer than I to the employee to find a gift that is suitable. I don't know about other supervisors.

Anonymous said

at 11:07 am on May 12, 2008

I agree with Brenda, volunteers already give freely of their time and energy. I think they should receive a parting party or card or whatever appropriate upon leaving if they've been volunteering for a year or more, without having to contribute to the staff support fund. I left the library and returned, so if I were to leave again, I would not be eligible for another gift, though I am again contributing to the staff support fund. Where does this money go? Could it be used to honor volunteers?

Anonymous said

at 2:19 pm on May 12, 2008

I also agree with Brenda, that we should not ask volunteers for donations and staff fund ledger should be where we all (staff) can read.

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