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Staff Meeting Notes Oct 28, 2007

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Notes from the Oct. 28, 2007, staff meeting
Present: Bernie, Chris, Eric, Marjorie Rekha, Stephen, Susan
·        Bailey appreciates Rekha for putting the weekly papers in alphabetical order.
·        Bailey appreciates Ruth for going above and beyond all the time.
·        Bernie appreciated the staff appreciation party and hopes there will be another.
·        Marjorie appreciated Janet, Kathy ,and Susan for helping with the Halloween handout last Saturday.
·        Stephen appreciates Sandy for going through some tough times including the busiest Saturday he’s ever seen last Saturday.
·        Kathy appreciates Josh for jumping right in the information station.
·        Bernie appreciated the children’s department for giving away pumpkins. 
·        Saturday two girls took some book marks and said that they would ask guys if they had library cards before going out.
·        A international student said, “America is wonderful” when told the library had free Internet access. 
Marjorie needs to review the STAFF support fund proposal.
Marjorie reports $485.92 in the credit union and $15 in the safe
Susan reports that Drew Kaman has resigned, effective in December. Janet and Nora are working on a job description and hope to advertise it soon with training before Christmas and the job to start after.
The library will be ordering safety glasses; people should be careful of their eyes. Do we need or want surgical masks for dust, mold, etc. 
Chris will be presenting phone training in small groups, so all will have a phone.
The defibulator training deadline has passed. Several signed up.
There will be a workshop on managing grants Nov. 17 at the court house.
Happy Jack software, iCAL, will go live Nov. 1. The programmer, Mona Gamboa, will here Tuesday to work on some fine details. This is not yet ready for the web page. Marjorie will be giving people passwords. The site needs to be bookmarked on all computers (http://www.happyjacksoftware.com/calibrate/login.jsp). This calendar will have all events, vacation, meetings, library programs on a single site. Training is forthcoming. 
Who is needed to be tracked on an in and out board? 
Janet, Betsy, Ruth, Stephen, and Susan. Anyone else?
What’s a handy spot for circ to refer to the board?
Sms, notetaker (corrections welcome) 


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