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Staff Meeting Agenda 081024

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Staff Meeting Agenda

Friday, October 24, 2008, 11 a.m.


Lunch will be served at 12 p.m. 




Staff Liaison (Marjorie)
Stories, heart warming and otherwise, issues, anecdotes:
Training/discussion :  Problem patrons: Speakers are Tina Mansfield from Peak Wellness, and Officer Zook from Crime Prevention
Announcements: Brief word about supplies (bjm)
Safety:   From the admin procedures:
Library staff should follow all the Wyoming Department of Labor Occupational Health and Safety rules. Many of these are outlined in the policy manual.
People may work alone in the building during the day. No one should be left alone in the building after closing. People should leave in twos, so that no one goes out the back door alone in the dark. The light at the bottom of the outside stairs should be on at night. Parking lot lights should also be on if it is dark. (See timers under "building'). Leave the ASM or Maintenance Tech a note if the lights are not on or if a bulb needs to be replaced (revised 10/08).
Make sure everyone's car has started before leaving.
Please keep the door from the staff area to nonfiction closed and locked while we're open. We've had money stolen from purses in the past.
We will keep the back door locked on weekends and after 5 during the workweek. The back door light goes on at 5, so that people coming to work later can see to get their keys out. The meeting room doors are locked during the day if there is no meeting. They are unlocked at closing. Turning the center of the knob locks the back door.  
Thunderstorms: If you aren't comfortable answering the phone during a severe thunderstorm, don't. The chance of injury is very small says the phone company. The uninterruptible power supplies provide battery power if the electricity goes off.
Replacement for Sandy Werner on the Building Needs Assessment team:  She was the non-exempt staff rep.
Staff Committees
Disaster Planning--bjm/md
FIRE:  Hear the alarms!  See the lights!  Enjoy the noise! Practice putting out a fire!
COMING ATTRACTIONS: Beating off attackers! 

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