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Visit to Natrona County TS Unit 6/08



My visit to Natrona County Public library in Casper was interesting and educative.

Susan Stanton (Technical Services Coordinator) showed  me how their technical services department works.

All the supervisors order their items.

Books on order are kept in different folders according to vendors e.g. Baker and Taylor, Gale etc.

Receiving of books are done by Susan by checking these in the folders.

List of standing order materials are kept in saparate file.

After receiving ,materials are kept on different shelves for fiction, nonfiction , rush delivery, gov. documents etc.

They also have saparate shelf for grant money books.

They catalog rush delivery items first.

They have 3 full time and 1 part time staff in technical services.

All the nonfiction items are partly done by Susan. She enters call no. in the computer. She also does cataloging of gov. documents.

Cataloging staff will catalog the items and Suan will print labels for all these items by label printer. She has to scan all the items one

by one for printing the labels (which takes more time then here in ACPL. Since Stephen has done good job in setting up scheduled new report

for us, it is faster and easy).

All the items are received and cataloged without selector checking in the items.

After labels are done items are kept for processing on the shelf.

They have different stickers for different items e.g. award winner, sci fi, mystery, new, YA etc.

Different color stickers forJ,E ,E-L items. 

They also have graph on the technical services room to show how many items are cataloged each month.


TS room is big and  in the back which can not be seen from the front desk or outside. They also have saparate room for receiving items

and that is done by person who takes care of all the mail also.




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