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Access to CONTENTSERVER through Remote Desktop Client is enabled from the patron network switch, including the PUBLIC wireless network.




CONTENTSERVER makes a weekly backup of all its data. See BackupSystem for details.




DNS - CONTENTSERVER provides DNS for the entire patron network. Settings can be accessed through DNS in the Administrative Tools.


DHCP - All ACPL-owned patron computers are assigned IP addresses by DHCP reservation on CONTENTSERVER. Settings can be accessed through DHCP in the Administrative Tools.


Network Control-License Manager - Centurion's NCLM assigns licenses to patron computers using DriveShield. This is not currently being used.


Symantec System Center Console - This is used to configure antivirus updates via server push.


Microsoft ISA Server - ISA Server provides some control over Internet traffic on the Public network. For example, ISA is what blocks outgoing SMTP packets.


MORE INFO/LINKS ABOUT ISA for firewall management here..



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