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Mending Category Quick Guide


Rush Repair:

Bestsellers (bestselling authors), books with holds, whatever Kathy wants.


Easy Taping:

Books that require Scotch Tape, very little or easy taping. Small page tears or severe creases.


Advanced Taping:

Includes books that have pages torn in various places as well as pop up books etc. that need precision taping in order to “work” again. Also includes books in need of Binder Tape.


Loose Pages (Easy):

One loose page. Multiple loose pages that have come out still glued together. (non glossy paper)


Advanced gluing and Taping :

Cracked spines, pages beginning to fall out, anything that might be fixed with some glue.


Loose Pages (Advanced):

Multiple loose and or missing pages. Glossy pages.


Broken Binding:

Broken or potentially broken bindings. Book is split in half, anything that needs four sided book binder tape.

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