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shelving tests:  who should pass 1/2/11 all staff from Circ, Public Services and Tech Services



Managers Task and Decision Log

 Note:  to insert a row, right click on the row.    To search the list, go up to Edit -- "Find on this page"

Move completed tasks to "Completed Tasks" tab

        Current Tasks    

 Excel Sheet Link






 task - and action person 

Limited cards  Mar 28, 2012    Nicole, to see how many General Delivery addresses at Post Office.  and how many patrons have >50 items checked out. 
Weekend hours survey Mar 28, 2012   Nicole, to survey patrons to see if there is a preference for later weekend hours (such as 2-6:00)
Grants wish list  2/8/12    Sam will create table at P:grants:wishlitforpossiblegrantfunding so staff can enter ideas 
Web 2.0 tasks  2/8/12    Kathy and Bailey will work on signs advertising our apps, QR codes, etc.   Also signs for ebooks when Freading is live.
Outside Signs  1/7/2012    Ruth will research sign placements and sign structures 
Wireless concerns  12-28-11    Training needs to take place on the correct procedure in the event of a wireless failure / concern.  
Stats collecting  12-28-11    sms to give direction on correct stats collecting.   Pages set up and people asked to contribute.
FOL web page  12-28-11    who updates/monitors FOL web page? sms to inquire and direct.
Insurance questions  12-28-11    multiple situational questions regarding insurance coverages. sf to inquire and document. 
Website wallpaper  12-28-11    md is to purchase 'artisits ear' to publish new website wallpaper with funds from the foundation. 
Building Emergency flow chart  12-28-11    sf and md are refining the document for use in the event of a building emergency. 
ebooks 10-12-11    Kathy Marquis and Nathan Bender will look at ereaders, ebooks, and Overdrive other service providers.  Consult with other libraries.
Simplifying Public Drive  8 -24-11   Devise suggested format for revised public drive:  NEB and MD  to report on Sept. 22.
Integrating Folios  8/10/11    Kathy and Nicole will discuss how to integrate folios into the rest of non-fiction.  Kathy will also talk with Susan about a global change in the Sirsi for  them 
Sub Position  8/10/11    Susan will draft a job description for a permanent sub position, for 10 hours a week  Drafted and posted.
Re-organization  8/10/11   

Kathy will make a list of changes to do in the library, one of price and the other for impact? - to discuss in the second managers meeting from today.

Susan has double-checked which areas we are limited to re-carpeting 

Strategic Plan  8/10/11    Everyone look over Marjorie's Strategic Plan draft and proposed schedule   done
Web page updates 7/27/11   Marjorie is sending around a draft list of ACPL web page sections and who might update them, for review by managers.
Web 2.0 meeting 7/27/11   A meeting is set to have managers discuss Library Web 2.0 draft with Erin, on August 2 at 10:30. 
Color Collection Coding stickers 7/27/11   Nathan will look into costs of color collection coding stickers for library books from various dealers.
Sub Rates 5/25/11   Betsy is working on forming rates for subs, depending on what the level the sub knows.
Evaluation Checklists 5/25/11  

Use if want to, in conjunction with written paragraph


Tamara?  will consult with Rodney if comments could be obtained by an internal server


Kathy will make a checklist to use for 3 and 6 month reviews

Emergency call list  5/11    Betsy updating, will post on bulletin boards and otherwise distribute to staff 
Job titles in PS 4/13   Kathy and Tamara will discuss jobs w/same titles but different duties
125th Anniversary 4/13   Susan will talk to the Board about ideas for a party/celebration/activities
Evaluation forms/job descriptions 4/13   Betsy is working on standardizing evaluation forms and substitute job descriptions
Elevator 4/13  

Nicole will get info and decision from circ staff about elevator closing/training


Guidelines related to children 3/23/11  

Draft revision of the Safe Child, unattended children, and problem patron guidelines - Susan and Tamara


Dual language handout to give directly to parents


Think about how to likk policy to procedures and guidelines so all related are updated - Susan and Betsy

Children's comuters  3/23/11   Set children's computers to shut down 15 minutes before closing to allow children to call parents for pick up before closing. (Who is doing this?) 
Revisions to Discipline/Grievance Policies  3/23/11   All managers to review and comment to Susan by 3/31
ASP offenses 2/2/11   Kathy will look into paperwork that ASPs get for community service and begin keeping track of offenses for which they are sent here. The County Sheriff's office says they update the online registry every time someone new contacts them (as required.)
Time off without pay and health ins. 2/2/11   Betsy will inquire of Rodney (health ins liaison) about this - issue is coverage if number of hours dips below that required for coverage.
To-Do before Jan. 26 closed day  1/12/11   

Phone messages (problematic right now): Marjorie 

Signs posted 1 week before: Marjorie

Closed banner to be hung: Micheal


Marjorie spreadsheets re: Godfrey Report, 5 Year/strategic plan/marketing plan 1/12/11    Marjorie will sit down with those concerned with the various segments 
Harassment Policy  1/12/11    Susan has asked for staff input on the revisions to the harassment policy and had particular questions for the managers 

Review "Leading Change" documents 



All managers review to see if there are any areas needing attention in relation to the current projects and possible changes in work areas or duties, to make sure we are not overlooking anything we should consider. 

 Technical Services Librarian Job Search



SMS will post job description and application for Technical Services Librarian

Sick and vacation for Grant-funded hours 



SMS will write down clear information to be used for referencing, about sick and vacation for Grant-funded hours

Teen Volunteers 



Kathy will write up her full understanding of handling teen volunteers 

Donation Forms




make more instructions for donations/filling out donation forms 




Revise hiring of substitutes form 




Draft fair pay rates for substitutes 

Generic Public Services Job Descriptions 



Kathy will draft a generic job description (because the public services assistants do not have all the same job duties)  and Betsy will verify how Laramie County handles this.




Susan will follow up with Des re simplifying WF 

Purchasing Procedures 



Betsy passed out a draft to be returned to her for comment 

Marketing plan / Godfrey's recommendations 



Managers, Thomas, Deb K and Micheal will look at the list of Godfrey's recommendations (public/shared/brochure/godfreys.xlsb) and give feasibility input so Marjorie can work on a marketing plan for the library - to be done by September 23, 2010




Susan will present the following priorities for the Specific Tax Purpose money to the commissioners :


1 (ASAP) - Staff computer upgrades by changing the public computers to thin client, and engineering for a new server room.

2 - Bring the toilets to be ADA compliant and purchase a new reader printer

3 - Parking lot (during a summer)

4 - RFID and carpeting begin at same time, carpeting will be finished before RFID

Walk-thru reschedule 



The in-charge/building walk-around has been rescheduled to 3:30pm - Betsy will consult people on which day this should be. 

Correct pay rates for subs 



Betsy will look at the procedures to determine how to define and pay substitutes 

Vouchers for reimbursing patrons




For Circ:Vouchers need the following patron information: Full name, full address, e-mail address, phone number, amount, item name. Give this to Bookkeeping along with any documentation of what they paid for, minus the processing fee.

Web site meeting 



Marjorie/ErinKathy/and Susan to meet today at 4 concerning Erin's training on the website 

Integrated system for web/calendar 



Marjorie & ?:E-Tapestry is very limited. If we don't pay will only handle FOL/FNDN/Volunteers. The newsletter list is currently an Excel spreadsheet that can't be uploaded at present. Currently everything is cobbled togther. 

Fee schedule 



All: Think about fees for damages 

Grant ideas 



All: Come up with ideas for grants that Paul could write. Computer lab? 

In-charge training 



All: Hold an in-charge training (Scheduled for 6/16/10) 




All: Postpone orientation. Betsy will follow up with new staff to make sure they meet deadlines if interested in signing up for insurance. 

Reorganization 4/16/10
  SMS will come up with agenda for follow up meeting, using notes from previous meeting (http://albystaff.pbworks.com/notes-from-building-assessment-meeting,-March-2010
Fees 4/16/10   booklets missing from CDs or DVDs:  just charge $5 processing fee
IT 4/16/10
  tech emergency procedures (if TS is not on IT time):  printer problems:  try another printer; no printers working at all, call TS *if* he is already coming in.  otherwise call county IT
IT 4/16/10
  Tech Deputies:  we will reinstitute this.  TS will train dept. members to do basic IT tasks in his place
IT 4/16/10   quarterly technology needs meetings - TS will have with heads; update 5/12/2010 BJM, KM, and SMS scheduled still need NM and ???




We will have CJ box reading and signing Monday, April 5, at the AHC, at 7 p.m. in the Stockgrower's room. (AHC will set up chairs)




We have our Outlook server and will be moving to new email addresses and url.  Rodney or TLS will write instructions and explanation of what to expect.   Susan has a list of places to notify.




Thomas will get a firmer price, currently $200 a computer for 30 machines and ask for a demo of this public computer registration software.

Staff calendar on web page



MD will try a single calendar for staff with a link on the staff web page.   We will try to three months and assess.

Downstairs room



KM will set up meeting with NI, BJM, BB, SMS to discuss further organization of the room.  We need to confirm that big tables (from LMR) will or will not fit.   3/8/10:  finishing off with artwork (KM)

WYLD Skills checklists



Supervisors will evaluate skills separately form the evaluations and note in personnel file.




All heads:  Be sure evaluations include goals, achievements and comments. 




KM  Will design chart for 2/10/10 showing orientation.

Personnel filing



TC/SMS--BJM hopes they will catch this up while she is gone.




Review draft and finish discussion, thinking about things we should be including, but haven’t and the best point in orientation for each

Betsy will add generic portions to the Heads Personnel folder for interview and reference questions by 12/30

Managers Decision log



Kathy will revise the managers task/decision log and managers need to review this before each meeting.

Comtronix training



Betsy will ask what they could train us on.

Stolen CDs



Josh will see if there is a pattern and will ask Tara to make a clever sign

Staff chairs



Betsy will check the balance for equipment ($2,000 for supplies including equipment.

Do any departments see a need for chairs besides administrative services? 

Monitor Filters



Kathy (and Josh? Betsy?) will look for the computer screen/filter purchased by Stephen and see if we could have it available for patrons on request

Data Space on Server



We will have a conversation with MD about photos.

SMS will e-mail RW about old dated files. 

Update:  MD is deleting fuzzy, unattractive, and unpicturesque photographs--that will save a lot of space--as she has time.  since we have more server space, the issue is not as pressing. This was fixed when County IT and TS redid the server in March 2010 





Needs assess draft



 heads will look at and suggest changes; when final report is in, we will meet to discuss immediate change ideas and ideas which will wait for final decision about remodel/expand/build new building

staff permissions 



Get list of permissions so clear who can access which drives – BJM will do

building map



We need a new map of the building. Kathy volunteered (Tara and Marjorie are working on a large map to go in the foyer)  KM, TC, MD

benchmarks or plans



Susan asks department heads to think about plans for their departments (and later ask them to think about what benchmarks should be used)

LCD projector for large mtg room



Still some ongoing changes…  We'd like another projector; we don't want the only one we have attached to the ceiling   CG will look into changing the angle of the PP projector  9-18-07 / Asked city council to fund. 3-3-08/funded/Film society to particpate in selection and wiring; being woprked on now, 10-15-08  We have $2500 for this 1/09, ordered 2/09 Projector has arrived and Kathy has arranged a meeting with the film society and Betsy to discuss what needs to be done to finish this project.   Most of wiring is installed; need more connectors, lock and splitter, but much progress made; have worker to paint stand (6/30/09).  BAM has asked RBOt to come in for final review--can public really use it? (11-23-09).   DK has written instructions; RR has made one final change.  SMS asked for no changes for a while.

Outdated and unknown administrative procedures



will review a page a week, revised bjm/sms will review and jb will scan .  We will flag mandatory updates.

problem patron training



 to be scheduled by Betsy and also need staff input for problem patron guideline update 2  (7/29/08)/discussion with LPD and Peak Wellness held; guideliness still need revision ad board review (10-26-08).

Board approved new code of conduct and staff trainined (May 2009).  Revised signs up?  Yes

staff liaison job description



BJM:  Send out again-are there things staff could do-concerns about getting to bank-1 yr. appointment 

staff meetings



BJM, SMS:  Try one before opening, one after?  Survey staff and see what times would be good (10-8-08).   Tried 2 on a Wednesday.  C. 10-12 people. 

Library  blog for staff only?



 Probably not.  Too many hoops for current web page.  Could put board summary on web page though; want searchability (10-8-08).

list of orientation topics

Jan 08 


for 1/14/08 meeting, Betsy and Kathy will make up list and who should train for each topic  12/10/08, draft circulated and revised, 2/09 4/09: BJM still tweaking. Has tested with 3 new staff.

Network permissions



BJM:  Investigate what all staff can view, Staff need to view most P drive, except some Admin., Staff need to be able to see job descriptions, ,KM needs children's permissions. Establish what all need to view.  New Employee Supervisor sheet needs revised to reflect what people need permissions to change.

Shelving tests for volunteers



Create tests for volunteers for specific areas (childrens, etc.)  JP will do all

LImit test items to 25, including misleading ones

Give mixed test if they have no specific area of interest

"Open Book" test, encourage to ask questions

Shelving tests should be checked asap, in under one hour

Disaster planning



MD will work on PR response to disaster planning to present at Oct. 14 meeting.  There will be staff meeting discussion of how to handle things if the library needs to close during a pandemic.

Evaluation Procedure



Look at procedure in Administrative Procedures Current to see if we need to make changes. Emphasize that we should not be just cutting and pasting comments received, but are extracting only the pertinent points. (Need to remove anything that identifies the person making the comment.

Basment mtg area



Public Services staff will select area rugs, then paint, an ASP will then do the painting and moving of furniture. Tables were discussed. The brown tables currently in the meeting room are 1/2 inch taller than the white tables (28 3/4")







   Decision log 





date of decision


Sorting Shelves/cart Nicole and kathy? will see if carts can be left by their subject area rather than in the WORK ROOM.  
Tax Program Susan or Sarah will deliver the tax cart to the AV closet.  The door should be left open but locked.  then Susan or Sarah will pick upk the cart and move it back to Sarah's office.     
Visitors All visitors, anyone not paid staff, will be announced--staff will call employee to ask if available. We won't just wave people back to staff areas. 2/22/12
Harassment and Record Updates  Sexual Harassment and Record updating will be done once a year - January - but not connected to the yearly evaluations.  This year's will be done after the Sexual Harassment training 5/25/11 

type evaluation comments on paper and give to supervisor - not email, because all email is subject to viewing


if a person has two positions in differing departments, the person will receive two yearly evaluations

Eric P. Nathan has assumed supervisory responsibilities for Eric's duties 4/13/11
Children's computers  Have them set to shut down 15 minutes before closing to give children time to call parent for a ride home before closing  3/23/11 
shelving tests:  who should pass  all staff from Circ, Public Services, and Tech Services 2/2/11

A copy of all signed contracts and agreements will be kept in the central files

Teen Volunteers

We can have teen volunteers.  There are limits to what they are allowed to do, and they must record their time on a sheet (like all other volunteers) - see "Current Tasks"

Sick and vacation for Grant-funded hours

Have sick and vacation accruals for Grant-funded hours if the grant allows for it - see "Current Tasks"



Documents emailed to all

Susan wants comments 

YA programming Job Desc (grant/temp.)

Betsy will finalize before Oct. 9. 

License agreements

All must be signed by Susan and they will be filed in the staff room files 

Library Snapshot Day

We will participate with potentially Marjorie and Erin splitting the day to take photos 


Monitor whether there are problems getting anyone to sub as page 

Public Services Folder

Kathy will create a folder. The detailed programming funds reports will be  saved to it. She will also be moving files from the old Adult Services folder.

Fund names

Betsy will give each department a list of fund names (on cardstock) so that they will use the correct fund name when logging purchases

Staff room files

All original grant documents will be given to Betsy to be filed in the staff room cabinets under a heading of Grants-DOH (or whatever the grant name is) 

ILL Subs

Betsy will verify the training level with achieved with Bernie. They have not yet reached sub ready. BJM to follow up with BBW the beginning of December. 

Donation Form
  • KM will write up language (a la reference interview) for talking to patrons.
  • Circ staff will be informed to send patrons wanting to donate to the info station if it is staffed, or also to Susan or Betsy.
  • Circ staff will receive the donation form and funds and ring them up in the register
  • Susan will remind Paul and Marjorie that information on appeals/requests for donations needs to be sent to the manager in charge for the announcements so that staff have a heads up on what is prompting people to make a donation
  • If staff are handed a donation in an envelope addressed to the foundation, don't open it, but place it in Paul's basket. All other donations will go through the cash register 
Levels of training

1.  Job ready (can handle all responsibilities of position)

2.  Sub ready (can handle major portion(s) of position)

3.  Place- holding (can handle minimal tasks of position)

training complete = finished training for appropriate level

HOLDS Nicole will change message to 8 (not 7) days   

Mgrs meet START TIME

Will meet at 2, not 1 now (Mgrs. Meetings)


New carpet & days we are closed

-- Move Board meeting to March 30??  When we are closed have sexual harassment training and verbal judo training.


New Carpet

We will be closed Sun - Tues Mar 14-16


Driving record

Hiring is not complete if a person required to drive has not provided a driving record by check-in


Non circ staff schedules

In Public;schedules; be sure your area is up to date (11-11-09). 


Robo-calls for reserves

At $120/year, we'll do it (11-11-09)  Didn't say who would make the contact and agreement.


In-charge if supervisor is out

Be sure to have cell phone numbers for all supervisors (11-11-09).


Saturday in charge

Nora is it (11-11-09)


Display List

Kathy made a list of current book displays and gave it to Circ


Additions to Daily Announcements

Public Services, as well as other departments, will start including more items in the Daily announcements.  One of these that should help communication is when any sort of library program has been announced and possibly another announcement when this program begins.(10/21/09)


Quick Closing Call List

BJM is working on the list, but here is a small list of what has changed (10/21/09)

  •  Contacting volunteers - Betsy W, Peggy T, Friends Booksale
  • Contact your department employees
  • Put signs on both front & back doors
  • For schools we can call one number for all schools
  • Daycares
  • Board Members (if there is a meeting)
  •  E-mail other libraries - the ALL distribution list
  • Changing the message on the phone, MD & TC can do currently


Photos of staff

Put photos of staff in the staff room. Take photo at check-in one copy to personnel file, one on staff mail basket


Reorganization of basement after Paul moves upstairs

Move the safe to the south wall

Move out the magazine unit

Move the gray desk over to that spot

use the large wooden unit as a divider                


Communicating with Administration

  • Susan and Betsy need to know about hours, resignations, hires, commendations, medical leave, grants related to building issues, personnel issues, discipline             

  • Betsy needs to know about training needs or information day to day building issues, personnel file additions          

  • Admin Services needs to know about office and custodial supply needs                


Reorganization Assessment

 Need  an IT person.  In FY09 10 budget (sms)


Pay for subs

  • bjm and sms decide
  • if trained, earn at job's rate (i.e. the cird rate if working circ; past rate if former dept. employee)  
  • If acting as a body needed, at  beginning circ rate
  • Ref subs may not take off if no one trained is willing to sub 

(revised 10-17/08), 6/19/07various

Tracking decisions

No specific minutes, just a to do list from meetings - on this table


meeting protocols

  • if additional meetings are needed for a pressing topic, call a meeting of essential participants

  • person running the meeting has authority/responibility to keep the meeting running smoothly and effectively.  They should guide the meeting and call end to discussion - redirecting discussion to a different meeting as needed.  Respect, courtesy should be maintained among participants at all times.                               


incident log

Keep in public drive (p:) at the top layer so people can find easily, but not available in wiki - Tara will do


sign protocols

MD uses lime for aclf; yellow for fol.  Font for signs:  those with PCs use Comic Sans MS (Marjorie uses similar MAC font.) 



We're a go with Happy Jack software. (later development: Marjorie is looking at it and has set up October in the calendar)   Is a link on the web page and used for vacations and meeting rooms.


mgrs meeting frequency

We will try for bi-weekly meetings; issues are falling through the cracks.  9-18-07/ moved to monthly meetings in December.


mgrs meetings

Meetings will be 3rd Tuesday of each month - Changed to 1st and 3rd at 2:15 (9/18/07)/Changed to 2nd Wednesday in December; time changed to 1:45 in February. time changes to 1 in May.      2nd and 4th Wednesday at 2 ; MD will come the 2nd Wednesday to report(


new book item type

Agreed to make "NEW" a location rather than an "ITEM TYPE" 



keep up with weekly


public or wiki?

Currently do everything on the Wiki


cords to equipment

Need to be labeled and kept with equipment.


old online files

put old files into pre-2006 directories


summer Sunday  hours

Stay open this summer and assess at the end of the summer/worked very well


VTC recorded

salaried employees are requested to record time as accurately as possible to keep track of how much time they work   (bjm,sms,sns, ni, km, rh, ds, ss)


Probation updates

We will be working on doing probational assessments every 2 months for new employees.


Checklist for new employees 

Betsy will save a copy of the supervisor's sheet to Heads/Personnel/Job Searches 


Quick Closing Call list 

BJM will update so that Marjorie is the first one called and she will call others. All need to review list to see if any changes are needed. A print copy will be posted outside BJM's office under the emergency light to be used in case of a power outage. 



decided to do these on hiring anniversaries so they're not due all at once - not sure of date in 2009 


Evaluations Annual


  • Ask all staff for comments

Summarize those on the evaluation form (no names) and

  • Delete from your email when done
  • Remind staff that they may comment anonymously
  • Supervisors will review on anniversary dates or at the rate of one a month
  • Sexual Harassment has been added to the evaluation document (see the appendix to administrative procedures)
  • generic portions in the Heads Personnel folder for interview and reference questions


Pre - Probation End reviews


  • Have one at 3 months instead of 2 and 4 months
  • Administrative services will notify supervisor 2 or 3 weeks before the probation ending date, allowing the supervisor to collect comments (optional)
  • Supervisor must hold the evaluation prior to the probation ending date      


Managers task list

person in charge of next meeting will email wiki link to all, by at least the day before the meeting


Brainstorming on the building assessment report

Bagels and coffee will be served (Who will buy the bagels and make the coffee?)   This will be paid time. There will be a review of these thoughts at the end of the meeting. There will be follow up to the discussion


all-staff meeting location

Continue to hold around Josh’s desk so that minutes may be taken and Tracy will be able to view what’s being discussed





      Completed Tasks   














Special Meeting 

Meeting with Susan, Kathy, and Nicole for ON-THE-FLY, School librarians issuing public library cards, and Damaged Process


Computers training 

Thomas has completed (in color) handouts with tutorials for computer training 


 communication survey

  review and make comments to Susan by 12/30/08 - particularly about best method of letting staff know of information outside their dept. 12/10/08, conclusions drawn, daily email started 1/09, good staff meeting time still to be found



Thomas will investigate prices for software that will make people check in and check out.



IT position

BJM, KM and JP will meet to draft job description for SMS and Rodney to review - they (what is there?  sms )are at:  Admin: Building: Building needs assessment: Godfrey's.  IT applications coming in; preferred by date is 11-13 (11-11-09).


stats for public computers

Statistical sampling to be investigated; week of 6-28 will be collection dates.

June 2009

 Reorganize YA and browsing area

 Put plans on graph paper and be sure furniture will fit  2/22/09; meet 2/18 to assess.  graphs available to move materials around, and staff informed.


car seats for children

Children under 9 need to be in them.  Maybe ask for donations.  MD brought this up.(10-8-08) (KM asks:  in library? in van?  don't understand)


parking lot out in SE lot

Replace to see if it's the bulb or not--need tall ladder(10-8-08) - BJM/ADH


 "in charge"

 need to clarify the meaning of this, who to call on weekends and evenings, at next staff meeting, 12/10/08, do at next staff meeting 2/11/09 -- BJM/SMS



Giving out bookmark to patrons

Circ will work on giving out one bookmark to patrons as they checkout.  1/09


Daily in-charge email

In-charge person will try to send an update email to staff each day, at least when there's something to report. 1/09,  assess 3/11/09

1/09, assess 


Fire drill

We will do a fire drill and try to include FOL. 1-09. Done


Bulletin boards

We will consolidate bulletin boards-eliminate board by staff room computer, do a board for continuing ed etc. stuff.  Try putting in hallway. 1-09


Cassette boxes

Tara will talk with Kathy about what to order. These are getting harder to find.


Sign for meeting room

Kathy will work with Nora on this.


Photo permissions as condition of employment

Susan will ask the attorney.


Damaged audio Cds

Evaluate condition and recommend a policy on charges for damaged ones. Will go to board for 45 day comment and approval. No rush, since we must put out a legal ad this could wait until there are other items requiring a legal ad.  KM/BAM/Board


Children's materials to be shelved

Piling excess on top of the low shelves is an issue. Assess the situation after a shelver is hired. SMS does not favor a return to sorting shelves.  JP


Probation reviews and evaluations

KM & JP will work together to get these done.


Old public color printer & printer issues

Ask County IT to look at the old public color printer to see if it is usable. We need a better color printer for staff. Kathy's printer is the only working color one and it's not always working well. Tara's printer doesn't work well in color or b/w. Because patrons don't always realize they have chosen to print in color and don't want to pay, we need to investigate something like the old vendaprint system. The current b/w public printer is not the best one for public use. The toner is expensive and quickly used up. Susan mentioned County IT's idea of having a service contract on printers. Tara has ordered a color printer/scanner/copier/fax for her desk. Josh had mentioned in the past that if patrons want to print in color that staff will save their document to a jump drive, then print from the color printer for them, so that they pay for their color copy. BJM emailed CountyIT 9/23/09 to switch the Brother printer with (Deb's area) the HP.


Flu shots

BJM will resend info




 Admin procedures

 Revised driving/mileage to reflect CALibrate.


Access/Info Station survey

The survey needs to include circ/info station/programming. KM & JB will pull together information from their proposal  10/31/07


Happy Jack calendar

Mona will build an external form for meeting room reservations. Marjorie recommends retaining the print meeting room book until we're sure the online is working properly. albyref will monitor the online reservations. We'll put vac/sick on the ABCPL calendar (name to be changed).   10/31/07


Boomerang ads

Janet and Marjorie will work on condensing the information. All agreed they could not tell the difference between weekly and monthly  10/31/07


new Futures

JB will talk with the Western State Learning Corporation about "new Futures," outreach to 6th graders and p for thinking about college and learning what needs to be done to get there. She will also investigate our participating in Paso a Paso, for Spanish speakers. These programs are free. 9-18-07. Schools are investigating. I'll be as involved as possible. JB  Update:  NF appears to want to work only with schools, not libraries.


Anime club for teens

Can we host an informal Anime club for Junior-senior high on some Saturdays? Yes, let's talk about this a bit and try it.  9-18-07  RH will work on this


cash register

CG will also look into pricing new cash registers that are more easily programmed 9-18-07 No money for this, though some very attractive features.   (sms, 7/29/08  Too expenisve for degree of problem. 



staff meetings

SNS will set up an agenda for the next staff meeting with the goal if increasing staff participation. The safety needs to stay however.. Anyone can add items to the staff meeting agenda( --or managers for that matter). He will try a different structure.  9-18-07


wiki use

SNS needs to demo using the wiki; people aren't understanding the difference between editing and commenting  9-18-07


Weekend staffing

Look to have managers here more on weekends.  7/16/07


Missing video games and CDs

Video game discs will be kept at circ in a case loaned by Chris. Their cases will remain on the shelf and the disc will be put in it at the point of check out.  6/19/07


Book drop on Monday

Staff signing up?


staff comments

Revise and send response to staff comments passed along by the staff liaison at the last staff meeting. 6/19/07


Pay for subs (discussion)

Clarify why not paid for rate of job being subbed for, check policy and procedures 


People feeling stressed/stretched             

Explore new ways of doing jobs


Meeting room equipment

need to handle locking up projector


Laramie Jubilee Days 2007

Yes we will suggest programs


sexual harassment training

Betsy to arrange for December; some staff/volunteers still need to see the DVD


Managers List

Divide this list  between done and not done so more easily useful - KM will do



People don't know how long their breaks can be.  Ask their supervisors


Communication Survey

Draft to heads for suggestions (SMS), respond by 10-21, and then to staff.


 phone message

 Messages could be more helpful, phone messages have been redone, 1/09


in-charge training/review

When JP returns after 7-7-09



Review and determine who should have them/where they're kept Return to sms.


 de-clutter library A

 Too many signs, no good single display space.   Find display rack and use--give patrons only trifold and pin.   Make all new signs.

MD uses lime for aclf; yellow for fol (10-8-08).


 de-clutter library B

 Current paper too floppy; use cardstsock for signs (10-8-08).


Fall Open House

 Decided to go to schools to catch all parents, not just those who come to library ready.  MD will set up schedule and staff will volunteer.  (July 2009)  MD reports going well (9-9-09).  Done.  MD ran evaluations with staff.









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