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Managers’ Meeting

August 21, 2007, 1:30 p.m.


Who takes minutes? JB, KM, SNS, SMS, CG, BJM,


Next Meeting Date: Sept. 18, 1:30 p.m.


Discussion Items:


Plan for departments

  • Department heads are looking at the strategic plan and how it affects them

How is reorganization going?

  • We're taking modest steps
  • Reorganizing furniture
  • Streamlining workflow
  • Chris is working on training

followup to Basinger workshop

  • We'd like more training about motivating employees

followup to communications workshop

  • We discussed the calendar at a meeting
  • We're discussing the in&out board on the wiki

Personnel policy review, section 1

  • This review is ongoing and different parts of it will be shared with staff for input by email and the wiki.
  • accrual rates for vacation is a specific area that will be simplified to work with the timecard software and be transparent to staff.

Discussion of leading our staff members through change. (BJM)

  • We discussed this some under the Basinger training.

WyoTech Work Study employee

LCCC Service Project workers

  • We will be exploring these programs and seeing if we can take advantage of them. Specific possibilities include helping the Friends and helping with programs.


  • We are getting some help from a CPA firm now and considering outsourcing more of this work in the future.







Probations ending:


Sept. 31 – Sandy W.

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