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Managers’ Meeting Agenda Week

June 19, 1:30 p.m.


Who will take minutes? JB, KM, SNS, SMS, CG, BJM, JL

Next Meeting Date: July 19, 1:30 p.m.


Discussion Items:

  • Pay for subs(CG)
  • Supervisor's Check List for Payroll (BJM)
  • Going away party/picnic (BJM)
  • Staff comments from June 7 meeting (sms)
  • Possible cataloging change to go with the move to consistent due dates (sms): Change location to new for new books. Here's what Stephen said:

I think one option that's well worth considering, and which you mentioned

before, is using the NEW location rather than the item type. This would make it

clear where the new items are to be found, and the "new" item type is not needed

any more if we no longer have different lengths of loan or renewal limits.

There are issues that I'd like to check in terms of TS reports and workflow for

such a change, and I think it may also be premature before we've had time to

adjust to the new circ periods. I also think there are other related issues

that could be addressed in terms of findability of items for patrons.

For example, there are now at least 4 places which a staff member or patron may

need to look for a given adult book:

-The first new shelf

-The second new shelf

-The sorting shelves

-It's post-new "home" on the shelves.

..plus perhaps even on the cart behind the desk.

I know from experience that this situation does come to pass fairly often. I

think simplifying that would do a lot to help patrons and staff with finding

items quickly, and that sort of change could go hand-in-hand with technical

changes related to the change in loan periods. Why not have a selector's

meeting for this and other matters in a month or so? (Once all the other issues

we're dealing with now have been settled)

    • Supervisor training/other possible trainings(CG)
    • Book drop (CG)
    • Missing videogame solution(CG)



Probations ending:

  • June 13—Ellen H.
  • July 10 – Drew K.
  • July 21—Betsy M. ASM
  • July 21—Lisa F.
  • August 19 – Chris G. ACL
  • Sept. 31 – Sandy W.


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