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Managers' Agenda 090311

Page history last edited by Betsy Moore 15 years, 1 month ago


Managers’ Meeting Wednesday, March 11, 2009, 1:30 PM


Who leads meeting / records tasks? KM, SNS, SMS, BJM


Next Meeting Date: April 8, 1:30 p.m.



Assess Daily Email 1/15/09 (sms)

Discussion of pros and cons of moving PH upstairs?

Discussion of Key Messages (bjm/md) 

AV project: What's next? (bjm)

Training needs: Sexual Harassment and Problem Patron mandatory (bjm)

Communication with administration: Who needs to know what?

  • Susan and Betsy: Hours, resignations, hires, commendations, medical leave, grants related to building issues...
  • Betsy: Training needs/info,  day-to-day building issues, personnel file additions, personnel issues
  • Tara & Betsy: Office and Custodial supply needs






Probations ending:


Tara --3/16/08 (review by 2/16/09 - done,   6 month review scheduled 3/13)


Katie --3/19/09 (review by 2/19/09)


Sue --4/16/09 (review by 2/16/09)


Deb S., circ --6/2/09 (review by 2/2/09)


Laura -- 6/19/09 (review by 2/19/09) 


Jodie -- 7/14/09 (review by 3/19/09)


Nichole -- 7/14/09 (review by 3/19/09)


Eeron -- 7/14/09 (review by 3/19/09)



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