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Managers Agenda 071024

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Managers’ Meeting


Oct 31. 2007 2:15 p.m.



Who takes minutes? JB, KM, SNS, SMS, CG, BJM,


 MD is guest


Weekly vs. monthly calendar ads in boomerang, sms & md--for program planners only.We're spending about $600 a month to do a big weekly calendar.  This is about $4500 above what we have budgeted.  What type of ad works best for your programs?



Next Meeting Date:  Nov. 7, 2:15 p.m.




Discussion Items:



 Online Calendar-CG /MD

  • Meeting room expectations - BJM
  • Collection agency
  • POS software packages--CG 
  • vac/sick draft discussion--sms,  (pp.4-9--just scan, looking for 10/07 where I updated in the admin procedures current revised file)--sms
  • benchmarks, based on what plan wants to achieve--sms
  • minimal computer competncies for all staff--log in to will (read and send messages) and VTC (record time and submit), phone?--sms 
  • Midway assessment of latest circ reorganization for Nov .1 to distribute to all staff (I copied this from SNS's proposal):
    • Survey monkey.
      • Questions to include include:
        • What's working well?
          • Flexibility
          • Efficiency
          • Simplicity
        • What needs improvement?
        • Areas mentioned specifically
          • Documentation
          • Hours and training of staff
          • Training
          • Shelving
          • General workflow
          • Improve:
            • staff responsibility
            • empowerment
            • participation
            • patron service 


    • Sunday openings during the summer?
    • Student looking for kids to help with homework




Probations ending:

Josh P.---4/12/07

Bailey M.---1/17/07

Mandy K. ---4/15/07

Hollis M.---5/1/07




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