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Managers ' Agenda 090610

Page history last edited by Susan Simpson 14 years, 10 months ago

Managers’ Meeting Wednesday, June 10, 2 p.m.


Who leads meeting / records tasks? JP, KM, SMS, BJM


Next Meeting Date: 

     Do we wish to return to biweekly meetings? When is a good time to meet?  Shoud MD come to the next meeting?

Passwords: Who has which and were are they kept?  sms and bjm 

In-charge coverage while Kathy, Josh and Susan are away next Wednesday and Thursday  (KM))
coverage for Circ Desk supervision during Josh's upcoming vacation (end of month) (KM)
second-in-command Circ position - what's happening with this? (KM)




Probations ending:

Deb S., circ --6/2/09 (review by 4/2/09)


Laura -- 6/19/09 (review by 4/19/09) 


Jodie -- 7/14/09 (review by 5/19/09)


Nicole -- 7/14/09 (review by 5/19/09)


Pat Hausel -- 7/28/09 ( review by 5/19/09) 


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