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Comparison of ACPL procedures to Kenton County PL


Morning openings:  Only difference - KCPL would run report to pull all expired holds


Slow periods - KCPL would have reports run to look for lost/missing/claim returned books.  Circ staff would look when slow.


Library card applications:  KCPL - Patrons with name change and moving from Juv to Adult card must fill out new application.

                                                     Old card was pulled matched with new app. and then refiled under new name if changed.


                                                      All new applications were reviewed by circ staff to make sure no duplicates or mistakes made.

                                                      Than applications were filed.



Patrons receipts:  KCPL - gave full list of books on receipts when checking out.


Returned Damaged/Incomplete:  Notes are attached to patrons account in system so circ will know status of books being billed and pieces which are missing from returned incomplete items.

If items were returned or paid for always check note field for removal of notes attached.


Damage books:  We make notation in book only at ACPL

                            At KCPL we would not only notate in book but in Horizon we would be albe to make notation on item in system so if checked out or discharged circ person would be able to see where book dmg or insert was marked missing.

                            Like on videos or audios that have inserts or books it would be noted in system in item record. 


KCPL - allowed no checkouts if patron owed 10.00 or more, had lost item on card, or had missing piece



KCPL - Has barcodes on all AV material - easier to determine if the correct item is in the correct case. 


KCPL - Horizon system shows more information when checking/discharging items in and out, & when looking up items, etc.

            ie.  barcodes, title, and location


KCPL - when applying for card in Horizon the information was located all on one page so made for quicker/easier access and for entering information

            all childrens cards had signing adults name attached to record.


Horizon was also able to look up patrons by only using the last 9 digits of the barcode from patrons card


All books that were returned in bad condition/no barcode/no call label/torn covers - were sent to repair for recover - all books were uniform

If books found with no call numbers they were labeled.


All fiction was labeled(call number) with Authors last name then shelved by title.


On renewal screen patrons items would be listed in chronological order.


When renewing items on patrons cards you were told to update card before the renewal - Here you renew and then find out all dates are incorrect

Making you have to do more steps in the long run.


Icons - on toolbar were used for what they are marked as.

Why have access things on a system that would not be used?







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