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VDX/ILL instructions:


For more info, go to http://www-wsl.state.wy.us/wyld/vdx/ .




Click "Login"


Username/password and submit


Book in (labels)

  • where from?
  • to you?


Requestor request number as "request number" and SUBMIT








A page comes up for correction-SUBMIT


"Action Successful" message should appear


"Requests"-to go to next


Place item-level hold on the book for the patron, using override. Set "expiration date" as the loaning library's due date.


Discharge the item. If the hold doesn't come up, do Trap Hold.


Put the slip in the book, and keep a record of contact with the patron. Patron's lastname, firstname should come up on top of the slip, and we use this to file (must use the Java client for this).


ILL sleeve- attach ILL info, circle special due date. If no due date, write in with black Sharpie. Stamp "Do not return in book drop" on sleeve.





All OCLC items can now be checked out by wanding the barcode. When the patron returns the item, it can be discharged by wanding the barcode.



Returning OCLC items

OCLC items also have paperwork. Do not put OCLC items on the worktable to be returned unless the paper work has been done. Put these items on the shelf underneath the blue cupboards with other ILL items not yet completely discharged.


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