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  • Holds that still need to be called are located on the shelf in the circ workroom.
  • Holds that say ALBYREF go on the shelf behind Kathy's desk, OUTREACH holds go to Ruth, and CHILDRENS go in the box underneath repair items at the circ desk.
  • If there is no phone number on the hold slip, check the patron's record to see if there is a phone # listed.  If there is no phone #, but there is an email address, trap the hold again and put it on the pickup shelf.  If there is no phone # and no email address, fill out a hold notification postcard (located in hanging files) and address to patron, apply appropriate postage and put in outgoing mail.
  • If there is a phone #/you are able to find one, call the patron.  Identify yourself as being with ACPL and ask for the patron.  If you speak directly to the patron or reach a personal voicemail, tell the patron what the item is and that we will hold it for the next 10 days.  If you speak to someone other than the patron or you are not certain you have reached a voicemail that is only used by the patron, you CANNOT identify the item.  You can only say that they have a book, DVD, etc. available at the library.
  • After you have made contact with the patron, write their LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME, the current date, and the date ten days from now on the slip.  Then file the item(s) with the other pickup items.  If there are multiple items, they may be rubber-banded together. 

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