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How to Report a Technology Problem/Request/Comment

All Technology problems/request/comments etc. should be submitted bby email to county IT:


Please send an email to ITatalbanycountylibrary.org with the subject line "Library IT Problem" with the following information:

  • Short description of the problem you are reporting
  • Location of the problem
  • The steps you took to resolve the problem before you reported it
  • The date you first noticed the problem


Note: Please remember to make sure the subject line is "IT Problem".



If you are marking a public computer with an out-of-order sign you need to email IT and inial and  date the sign with a nonperment marker.  


Please email any comments from the public regarding technology using this procedure as well.


For problems needing immediate resolution, please consult the emergency phone list. All phone problems should be directed to County IT.


If the problem is specific to your PC, always try restarting the affected program and then your PC (turn it off and on again) before referring the issue to IT.


There are procedures in public/policies,prodcuesand manual/manuals/computers for dealing with various computer problems--ShoreTel phones, cleaning computers, printers, etc. 


Problems with Workflows, VDX, and WYLD/WSL websites are under the control of the state library. These problems tend to be short-lived. Check your email. The state library staff announces problems with  services as they become aware of them.  If there is a problem with these, you might try them again in about 5 minutes. If they persist, you will need to contact the WYLD staff (wyldstaff@will , 1-800-264-1281)






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