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Discharge aka Checkin

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Returned materials are processed as follows:


Examine materials for damage (see If damaged below), items left in books.  Rewind any videos or tapes in need.  Make sure all CDs, DVDs are actually in the cases.


Discharge items:


Open Discharge window if not already open


Scan barcode

WARNING:  the Discharge window is temperamental, and one has to be very careful that each item really is scanned and discharged.  It is easy for items to slip through; we know this because we continue to find items on the shelves that have not been discharged.  We continue to have patrons come in and state (correctly) that they've received overdue notices for items they already returned.  In other words if items are NOT discharged but go on the shelves, patrons receive overdue notices for items they have returned ... NOT appreciated.    This happens infrequently but even infrequent events are unsatisfactory.

sooo make sure the system responds to each scanned item.  Don't sacrifice this step even if piles of books are accumutating.  I find it easiest and most effective to watch the screen as I scan, and make sure numbers march across the entry box and then disappear.  For the same reason, it is critical to respond to any dialog boxes or messages that appear while discharging (check number of items, item presumed lost are two examples).  If one does not respond, and continues to scan barcodes, one or more items will not have been discharged -- unbeknownst to the worker.


Respond to dialog boxes and messages:

HOLD - if there is a hold in place for the item, a slip will be generated.  Place the slip in the item and put it on the HOLDs shelf (or other locations if specified)

In transit - a transit slip will be generated for items from other Wyoming libraries; place slip in item and add to stack.  OPAC ILLs do not generate transit slips.

Item presumed lost or stolen - yep, someone found that item that they were SURE they had returned.  Discharge as usual.

Check for x number of items - CD books, cassette books, etc. with multiple items require an override code to continue.  But keep in mind that we check for all such materials even if there is just one CD, DVD, tape.


Place items in appropriate locations to be shelved (adult fiction and non-fiction shelving cart, juvenile shelving cart, large print cart etc)


If damaged

normal wear and tear:  discharge item and then check out to ALBYREPAIR (User ID); place in appropriate basket (ADULT REPAIR etc)

other damage:  do not discharge; place on Chris's desk with note re damage 


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