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Credit Card Procedures-Draft


The library has a credit card, which can be used for library purchases other than books and other materials. The credit card should not be used when the vendor will bill us for our order.


The credit card company doesn’t care who signs on the card. The administrative services manager has a card in her possession which she will give to people making charges. Employees should take with them a letter stating they are authorized to sign on the card in case the merchant questions the employees’ having the card. They should also take a copy of the tax exempt letter and notify the vendor that we are a tax exempt organization. Some vendors (ie. Wal-mart) have issued us a tax exempt card that we must carry when making purchases. Ask the merchant to make note of this permission when first using the card.


Steps to take when using the card:


  1. Place the order/make the purchase, notifying the vendor that we are tax exempt.
  2. Log the order in the green binder called "Albany County Public Employees Credit Union Credit Card" in the administrative file drawer "A-Ap". It has columns for date, vendor, item, account number, person making charge, amount of charge, received/ok to pay, and date paid. The person making the charge fills out all items except the last two. The account number should a word or phrase, i.e. "Newspapers" or "SRP." Leave a copy of the order in the binder for the bookkeeper to clip to the voucher.
  3. When the item arrives, initial and date the "OK to pay" column in the file, and add the packing slip or invoice to the folder.



Notes: The credit card bill can be reviewed online and paid online. A printed verson of the statement is marked showing which accounts are charged. Copies of the invoices go with the statement to the Administrative Services Manager. After the boards approve paying vouchers, they mark each item paid and the month (01/09). The board has given permission for the credit card bill to paid prior to approval at the board meeting up to the amount of $1000.00 to avoid any late charges (05/07).

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