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LCLS Visit Notes 10/08



The LCLS visit was very inlightning and informative.


I learned that the Circulation desk is very high tech, and organized a little differently.

Due to their advantage of space they are able to have a whole wall of shelving for their holds.

The Holds are done a little differently then ours as they allow the customer to pick up his/her own hold.

The privacy issue is covered by not writing out the patron/customers full last name.  Only the first few letters of the last name are used.

They have self-check out stations near this area so that the customer may also check his/her self out.


Workflows:  They are continuing to use Workflows due to the stability of the J-Client.  They might try and use it at a later date.


Staff:   The LCLS staff with branches consists of 30 people.  The circulation desk staff is 12 including Kashawna.

            On most days they have 3 people that move between the 2 desks:  1 AH, 1 at C&A and 1 rover.  During

            the busy times a 4th person may be added to help with roving so that 2 people can work the Circ desk.


Training:  They use 3 steps of training here -

               1)Checklist (training) are used at this location for new employees.  (located on the WYLD website)

               2)Hands on training

               3)Floor training


               A buddy system is used for all new employees during thier first two weeks.  This is not always the same

               person it is usually the person working the desk at the time.





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