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The Circulation Shift Coordinator provides strong support to the Access Services and Technology Librarian in managing the Circulation Desk.



Acts as supervisor of the Circulation Desk in the absence of the Access Services and Technology Librarian. Provides strong, positive leadership to Circulation desk staff. Is familiar with all aspects of the department including circulation, meeting room reservations, interlibrary loan, supplies, equipment, outreach, and ready reference, and can substitute when necessary in all positions. Reports to the Access Services and Technology Librarian.



• Is based at the Circulation Desk and handles all responsibilities from that location.

• Maintains a schedule that is compatible with the Access Services and Technology Librarian so that one or the other is on duty at all open times, with the exception of vacations and other unusual situations.

• Manages basic departmental functions, including:

o Patron address edits.

o Responding to patron emails.

o Dealing with damaged items.

o Referrals to the collection agency.

• Monitors basic departmental functions and make sure they are kept up, including:

o Discharging.

o Shelving.

o Hold pulling, calling, and expiring.

• Responsible for documenting procedures and training:

o Trains new staff and volunteers.

o Follows up on training issues with circulation staff.

o Trains both in-department and out.

o Maintains current departmental documentation.

o Creates videos and documentation.

o Encourages staff to create videos and documentation.

• Assists with and supports continual improvements and streamlining in policies, services and procedures.

o Examines places where cuts can be made.

o Suggests changes.

o Studies interaction/flow with ILL and TS and tries to optimize.

o Maintains a focus on overall efficiency.

• Is patron-centered and active in promoting patron access to materials and customer service.

o Offers suggestions as to how to better serve patrons.

o Trains and coaches staff in courteous service to patrons.

• Is in charge of the Circulation Desk in absence of the Access Services and Technology Librarian.

o Takes strong responsibility for the performance of the desk during those times.

o Models hard work and strong service to the Circ department and the library.

• Cross-trains in all responsibilities with the Cataloging and ILL Staff.

• Assists with troubleshooting computers, copiers and printers and contacting service people.

• Is trained as a Tech Deputy and helps others with their basic Tech Training.

• Other duties as required/assigned.



• Knows and follows library policy and procedures

• Must be able to learn and meet the minimal computer competencies for staff email, phone, time sheet and calendar programs and can operate and troubleshoot technology/software

• Knows and follows safety procedures, pointing out problems and keeping equipment in satisfactory condition

• Keeps informed on library issues: attends staff meetings

• Keeps skills current and growing: attends required trainings, actively seeks opportunities to learn new things

• Contributes to library decision-making

• Works well with others, including patrons, volunteers, and fellow staff

• Is flexible, has a good sense of humor about the irritations of daily work life, and respects the feelings and needs of co- workers

• Understands that change and evolving library procedures are constants in library work

• Is sensitive to patron privacy and intellectual freedom issues

• Is committed to public service values: is patient and helpful with all patrons and staff; values patron satisfaction above library rules

• Is a good office citizen: submits timecard weekly, keeps work and break area clean, responds to emails and requests promptly, has a positive attitude



Able to establish effective working relationship with public, staff, and volunteers. Strong work ethic. Able to supervise others effectively. Good problem solving and decision making skills. Organized. Stays calm under pressure, defusing volatile situations. Able to switch tasks quickly and work with constant interruptions. Excellent communicator. Able to learn, teach, and troubleshoot office machines, software, and hardware. Performs essential clerical and math functions accurately--filing, spelling, typing, adding, making changes. Knows how to operate a PC and is familiar with MS Windows and the Internet. Sensitive to patron and staff privacy. Must have library experience. Must have supervisory experience. High school diploma or GED required.



Able to move book trucks with 15 pounds of weight. Able to shelve books at heights between six feet and floor level. Able to read small print and computer screens. Minimal physical effort is required to perform duties under typical office conditions. Required to stand, walk, sit, speak, hear, and use hands to operate office equipment. Required to reach with hands and arms. Vision requirements include the ability to read routine and complex documents and use a computer screen.






Must be able to meet the requirements for Circulation, General Skills, Interlibrary Loans, and Searching WYLDCAT. Skills checklists can be found at: http://will.state.wy.us/wyld/network/committees/training/training.cfm.



Preference given to people with a college degree or more than the required library, computer, teaching, or supervisory experience. Familiarity with Sirsi Unicorn or comparable ILS helpful.


Employees are paid on the last working weekday of the month. The library does not pay overtime. Employees may be asked to substitute.

This position is probationary for six months.


POSITION CLASSIFICATION: Assistant Supervisor, Grade 24, Non-Exempt


Wage: $13.43/an hour depending on training and experience, 36 hours/week

Vacation: .1 hours of vacation earned per hour worked a month up to a maximum of 30 "days"*

Sick Leave: .05 hours of sick leave earned per hour worked a month up to a maximum of 60 "days"* **


*A "day" is hours worked per week divided by five.

    • Employees are not paid for accrued sick time when they leave.


Holidays: 11 a year for those scheduled for work when open on Mondays (for FY09: July 4, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day)

Retirement: Wyoming Retirement System

Individual contributes 5.57% and employer 5.68%

Insurance: Employee paid dental and vision insurance is available for those working 20 or more hours. Health insurance is available; half employee paid, for those working 20-29.99 hours a week. Employer pays for health insurance for those working above 30 hours a week. Workman’s compensation is paid for those who drive as part of their duties and for maintenance staff.

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