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Customer Service Procedures


• Be courteous

• Greet patrons as they enter the library

• Be patient

• Respect people's privacy

• Smile

• Always stop what you are doing or talking about behind the desk if a patron comes up. You can get back to that later.

• Always offer to assist patrons if they are having trouble locating an item

• If it is possible to leave the desk, find the item and put it in their hand

• Acknowledge patrons when they are waiting for service at the desk

• When assisting patrons on the phone, do not leave them on hold for very long, try to answer the phone in three rings or less

• If the patron is on hold, keep them updated so they do not think you have forgotten about them

• If the wait is going to be too long, offer to take their name and phone number, and call them back

• If you are assisting a patron and the phone rings, excuse yourself, and either put the person on hold or get their name and phone number to call them back

• Face to face is always before the phone

• Questions about rude and/or disturbing behavior from patrons

    • How much is too much
    • Diplomatic ways to deal with their behavior
    • Referral to a supervisor


Recommended phrases:

  • "Sorry, I can't chat now, I need to work..."
  • "That's inappropriate and offensive..."
  • "Anything library-related I can help you with?" 
  • "I would rather you call me..."  (Miss, Ma'am, Sir, Name, etc)
  • "That's a nice offer, but I can't..."
  • "I appreciate that, though I can't..."







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