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Questions for Circulation Assistant Candidates



Do you have any questions about the job?


Could you tell us about your experience using and/or working in libraries?


Could you tell us about your experiences with computers?


How do you handle learning a new skill?


How would you deal with angry patrons and co-workers?


What accomplishments are you proud of in a past job?


Have you ever supervised volunteers?


What hours and days are you available to work?


How do you feel about routine or repetitive tasks like shelving books?


This position would require you to be able to dependably work a very regular schedule which might not be very flexible. How would you handle this, and how have you handled similar responsibilities in the past (if applicable)?


Can you give us an example of your experience working with interruptions and stress?


What experience do you have with multitasking?


What do you like about working with the public?


What do you expect from a boss, and what do you think a boss should expect from you?


How would you see this job fitting into your life and career plans?


If you were selected, how soon could you start?


Is there anything else you'd like us to know about you?

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