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Bernie's trip to the clark county public library in Las Vegas, NV


This trip happened in August when the temp outside was 104 degrees. I will never go to Las Vegas again in August. Not much has changed at the Clark County Library since my last trip in April 2007. They still are about the same size as Arizona Charlie's Casino on Decatur Street. (Great food, loose machines, a local's place) The library has more windows and is a much quieter. They have a staff of four. Two full-time. Borrowing and loaning are separate functions done by separate people. One person is a supervisor and does everything. One person does all the packaging. They use their own barcodes on borrowed items, doing the on-the-fly cataloging. They also have their own room away from the front desk. It is about half the size of the work room we have. They do not loan any AV. Their AV is in a separate room across from the front desk. They use self-checkout, but also have two people at the desk for questions and problems. I really didn't see anything there we could use. We have less staff and don't have self-checkout. They do have a holds shelf, much like ours, with patrons names on the items in alpha order. I enjoyed the air conditioning and loathed going back out to the parking lot to my car. At least the library (and the post office) didn't have slot machines.

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