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The library reimburses staff members for some expenses connected with continuing education.


Branch librarians are expected to come to town once a month and receive mileage reimbursement. Most other meetings are optional; hourly staff is not reimbursed for travel time, etc., unless the trip is mandatory.


One day Trips In or Out of State





Overnight Trips



Housing--only if the C.E. is required for the position.


Meals with program—100%


Staff members should ask their supervisors if the Ce is required for the position and know what wil lbe paid before the meeting.


This is contingent on funds being available. The current mileage rate is $ .445/mile.


The Wyoming State Library has C.E. funds available to reimburse the library for CE expenses. People funded under the program must fill out the state’s evaluation form: www-wsl.state.wy.us/training/TrainingCreditEval.pdf for the library to be reimbursed. Give the forms to the administrative services manager as soon as you return from the workshop/conference. The goal this year is to apply for reimbursement quarterly. Alcoholic beverages are not included.



The County Librarian signs all contracts. The Albany County Attorney reviews most of them first—this can take three weeks or more. Some contracts the library board or commissioners need to approve before signing. No library staff member is authorized to sign contracts (5-4-07).



Fill out an incident report for *all* complaints, comments , or incidents about pornography seen on library computers, policies, programs, other patrons. This provides a centralized written records of problems. Incident report are at P:\Administration\forms\incident report form.doc. Compliments can go in the log.


The administrative services manager is responsible for building issues.


The county librarian maintains office hours (posted in the break room hall way) in an effort to be available and also have time for sustained projects. She is almost always available for members of the public if the person in charge can not handle the issue; she would prefer staff hold interruptions to appointments or office hours but understands that is not always possible (5/07).



The library has two credit cards right now, one for book purchases and one for other purchases. Use the credit card when:


a. the vendor won't accept a voucher or the library does not have an account with the vendor.

b. the time between the billing date and the service's ending or being provided is too short to allow for a normal billing cycle. A newspaper subscription is an example.

c. staff travels out of town and doesn't want to use vouchers, or the vendor will not accept a voucher.

d. the amount of the charge is more than $25.


Late fees add up quickly, so the card is a last resort.


The credit card company doesn’t care who can sign on the card. The administrative services manager has a card in her possession which she will give to people making charges. Employees should take with them a letter stating they are authorized to sign on the card in case the merchant questions the employees’ having the card. Ask the merchant to make note of this permission when first using the card.




1. Place the order.

2. Log the order in the folder called "Albany County Public Employees Credit Union Credit Card" in the administrative file drawer "A-Ap" (this file has a big blue clip on it). It has columns for date, vendor, item, account number, person making charge, amount of charge, received/ok to pay, and date paid. The person making the charge fills out all items except the last two. The account number should a word or phrase, i.e. "Newspapers" or "SRP." Leave a copy of the order in the folder for the bookkeeper to clip to the voucher.


Ask the county librarian if you don't know what account the order should be billed to.


3. When the item arrives, initial and date the "OK to pay" column in the file, and add the packing slip or invoice to the folder.


4. The credit card bill can be reviewed online and paid online. A printed verson of the statement is marked showing which accounts are charged. Copies of the invoices go with the statement to the bookkeeper . After the boards approve paying vouchers, they mark each item paid and the month (01/09). The board has given permission for the credit card bill to paid prior to approval at the board meeting up to the amount of $1000.00 to avoid any late charges (05/07).


1. Fill out the final time sheet and the department employee paperwork, and give to bookkeeper. Make clear what is time worked and what is accumulated time being paid for since workers’ comp and retirement are not taken from the lump sum payment.

2. Fill WRS-7 and mail to Wyoming Retirement. It will want to know last day worked or last day of leave.

3. In-house clearing:

A. Ask next of kin for library key and parking permit.

B. Ask what is to be done with e-mail account and possible personal messages.

C. Clean out desk or basket.

D. Return medical information form.

E. See if staff member is eligible for staff recognition and talk with staff liaison.

F. Supervisor may shred materials.

G. Check for items charged on patron card and notify family.

H. Check for outstanding staff account orders and ask family about canceling.

4. File pertinent information in employee personnel file and close file out (05/07).



Staff members who receive deliveries should follow these procedures:


They need to check off the items on the packing list if there is more than one item on the list. This is particularly true for shipments from Van's which go into the elevator.

They need to note where the item is--if it is not going on Acq. Clerk’s desk. I.e. In children's or wherever.

They need to date and initial the packing slip to show that the item is here and that they counted it (05/07).





Go to the web page and log in. Go to file management/transfer list. Highlight “Approved” on the pull down menu. Click submit. Print off a verification, initial and date, and give to the bookkeeper. Then confirm by going to file transfer tab and review. Log out. This has to be done by 5 p.m. the day before the money is to be transferred.


People should leave prices off art work and other items on display (1-10-94). Circulation staff schedules the library display areas. The art guild schedules the hangars by the elevator.

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