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Technical Services orders and maintains inventory for processing supplies. TS works with the State Library Central Acquisitions office to place standing and blanket orders for library materials (such as books, audio and video items for patrons). Technical Services receives all orders for library materials. TS works with Centralized Acquisitions at the State Library to ensure proper payment, record-keeping etc.. TS processes returns, credit memos, and cancellations.


Part of TS' duties is selected acquisitions cleanup, including loading missed order lines (from weekly “orderlines not loaded” report).


TS works with collections selectors and responds to their needs. Selectors turn in orders to be placed. The selectors are as follows:

  • Adult and Reference: Adult Services Librarian
  • Young Adult: Young Adult Services Librarian
  • Children’s: Children’s Librarian
  • Large Print: Older Adult Services Librarian
  • Centennial: Centennial Branch Librarian
  • Rock River: Rock River Branch Librarian


The selectors have divided up the two users for Title Source (Baker and Taylor).  Only one person can be logged in at a time for each user:

BIBMGR user-YA, Branches and TS use

STAFF user-Adult, Childrens and LP use


The library bookkeeper uses information from Centralized Acquisitions at the State Library to account for materials expenses.


The primary vendor for library materials is Baker and Taylor.


Funds – Where the Money for Items Comes From


There are several different accounts used to pay for materials. These may change from time to time. The form of naming for a fund is the word ALBY (for our library) followed by an indication of the type of material (ADULT, YA etc) and then an indication of the source of money (PUB or PRI).




The funds reflect the balances we have accumulated in our accounts with Centralized Acquisitions. We send money to Centralized Acquisitions on a usually-monthly basis to replenish the accounts.


Acquisitions Tools:


Common Acquisitions Tasks:


Creating Baker and Taylor Carts

  • MUST be logged into the right user that will be ordering the cart
  • Carts
    • MUST be "Grid Enabled"
    • MUST be set to use the proper template as the default grid for items in the cart
    • MUST be set to proper "Group" for selector
    • MUST be properly named ( "Kathy's Cart 125" etc.)
    • Adult (Kathy) carts should be "shared" and "locked" when created"
      • All others should not be shared at the creation point 


Placing Baker and Taylor Orders

  • Make sure you have the correct cart
  • If it's under the "STAFF" user, it needs to be changed to shared and locked.  The log out
  • Log in as the "BIBMGR" user
  • Make sure you have the correct cart
  • Go to cart options
    • Change the name of the cart AND the purchase order on the cart to the proper purchase order format (ALBY-mmddyy, ex. ALBY-052309).
    • Save
  • Order the cart
    • Watch out for AV vs. Books.  These MUST be split into separate carts before ordering.
  • Wait until B&T gives you a status and make sure nothing got cancelled.
    • If something got cancelled, inform the selector that it was not ordered
  • Using the WYLD instructions, download the cart and bring it into Sirsi.


Bringing orders into Sirsi from Baker and Taylor

  • Follow WYLD instructions for this:


Loading Orders


Receiving Firm Orders


Receiving Standing Orders


Creating Standing Orders



Other Tasks:

Rollover must be done each year by ACPL. This should be fairly painless, if you take it slowly and carefully and follow the instructions.


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