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**Remodelling Requirement**

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These are items we will put in the request for bids that we want considered when the building is worked on:


All projects

Where does service come from? What is the turnaround time from request to arrival?

Where is the nearest warehouse with parts?

What is the warranty? For how long?

What guarantees about noise?

What provisions for dust?

We need to work together to have as little impact as possible on library operations.

We need forewarnings about closing late or early or all day.

Can you provide the names, adresses, and phone numbers of others organizations that use your product/your services?

Provide penalities for delay.

Estimate when to start and when it would end

Can all the electrical work be done at once?

Can the wiring be snuck/sneaked in?

building security

Where will equipment/supplies be stored?

Proof of insurance.







ADA compliant

electric eye or pressure sensitive?

outer doors must operate separately from inner doors for meeting room access

must be time for a person in a wheelchair to get through




passenger and freight

estimated weight to carry

ADA compliant

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